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What is ielts?

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How can you get the required band score?

Everything,from simple understanding of ielts to getting the required band score, have been divided and written here in different pages and just have to follow different links.

To start with,click here for all the basic information on ielts exam.On this page you will find the fundamental information about ielts exam which will clear basic of it.

Then,you should know how to prepare for ielts exam.For that follow the link in which I have outlined the five basic steps which will give you the clear idea what to do for achieving higher band score.

You must be having plenty of questions which must confuse you.Click here to get the answers of some very basic questions and the answers of them.

You must have been aware that ielts has got four sections viz. Listening,reading writing and speaking.To get higher band score each section must be given equal consideration.There are certain techniques and strategies.You can find the tips for each section here in different articles.

Click here for reading tips,

Click here for writing tips

Click here for speaking tips.

Moreover, you need to get practice of genuine sample answers of ielts speaking and writing tasks.

Click here For sample questions and answers of speaking part 1

Click here For part 2 or cue cards.

Click here For part 3

For writing task 2 or essays click here