Topic 8 : Describe something healthy you enjoy doing.

Describe something healthy you enjoy doing.

  • What you do ?
  • Where you do it ?
  • Who you do it with ?
  • And explain why you think doing this is healthy ?

Sample answer 

  • Health is the vital part of person’s life. In a broad term health can be defined as a complete physical, mental and social well-being.
  • In my culture, we believe that health should be given the highest priorities.
  • Unfortunately, in today’s scenario people get a bit less time to get healthy.
  • In a sense, we can say that people are dying more and living less.
  • To avoid this, we ought to do something healthy.
  • To remain fit and healthy many people adopt different activities.
  • I am also a busy individual. Still I steal my time from that busy schedule.
  • To get healthy I prefer swimming.
  • I am a member of one of the lavish and convenient club in my hometown where they provide swimming facilities at a very reasonable rate.
  • When I started swimming,I was the only one from my society. Still no one comes from my society.
  • However, I came in touch with so many good people at the location.
  • We do plenty of swimming together.
  • Swimming is the best exercise among all other to be fit.
  • Other exercises such as going to Jim or raise the weight or pushups only work on some part of the body. Swimming, on the other hand, works on the whole body.
  • Apart from that, it is quite refreshing to do swimming.
  • I usually go there in the evening.
  • When I go there I am completely exhausted due to heavy work load. But,after 15 minutes of swimming I get new freshness.
  • For me swimming is a complete package of exercise, refreshment and leisure activity.
  • I try to persuade so many people to go for swimming to remain fit.

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