Topic 1 : Many people believe that television is responsible for sedentary lifestyle of today’s generation.

Myriad sports and games are being shown on the television nowadays than past due to the advent of television and escalation of technology which explicitly affected the lifestyle of people in general and young generation in particular. This statement has been endorsed by numerous people who believe that the television is responsible for the sedentary lifestyle of young

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Tips 15 to 20 : Core tips to get 7 and higher band score in IELTS writing

This is the fourth and last article under the title top 20 tips for ielts writing. You have read three articles so far in which we discussed the parameters which are enormously(greatly) important to be remembered.These parameters should be taken into consideration and implemented.Now in this article we will go and look into something which you should not do. We

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Tips 1 to 3 : Core Tips To Get 7 And Higher Band Score In IELTS Writing.

Core Tips To Get 7 And Higher Band Score In IELTS Writing. IELTS is a tactical examination where plenty of good techniques have to be learnt and applied. You must have known that IELTS writing has two tasks.Task 1 is about illustrating different charts, diagrams or processes.Whereas,task 2 is basically an argumentative essay in which you have to give arguments

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